6 Must-Have Packing Tips for Long Distance Moves

6 Must-Have Packing Tips for Long Distance Moves

Moving is difficult no matter how far you are going. Now add to that the stress of moving hundreds, or thousands, of miles away and you could definitely benefit from some moving tips to help reduce your stress. Starting with the day you find out you’re moving, to the day your things are delivered to your new home, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top six tips for long distance moves:

1 Pack well in advance 

In order to be prepared to make a long distance move, it is advised to start packing before moving day and finish before moving day comes. Packing tips for the standard time to begin packing for a long distance move are to start at least four weeks before your move. During the first week, pack decorations, storage units, books, and clothes fit for other seasons. During the second week, pack linens, fragile collections, video games and CD’s, coat closets, puzzles, and toys.  In the third week, you should pack, jewelry, toiletries, all leftover collector’s items, and all other linens except for one towel and sheet for each person. Also, kitchen supplies not used daily and office supplies should be packed during this time. Once the fourth week comes along, you should pack more of your clothes, the rest of the kitchen supplies, other electronics, and disassemble your furniture.  Two days from the move, medicine, pack curtains, and more food. On moving day, pack the remainder of food, sheets, and towels, cleaning supplies and remaining clothes.

2 Pack securely 

Ensure that the items you pack are in boxes with filling. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and any other items to protect them from breaking during the move. If you are packing dishes, glass, electronics, or other fragile items, use boxes and packaging advised by professional shippers. 

3 Label boxes – don’t rely on memory 

You need to keep track of what is in each box in order to avoid confusion. The organization helps make the packing and moving process a lot less stressful. It is a cheap and effective way of organizing your belongings. Although you may think it will be easy to remember which items are in which box, moving day can take a toll and make you forget the exact details.

4 Make proper accommodations 

For those who need to move a vehicle long distance or across seas, there are other options than driving cross-country to do so. There are car shippers that transport vehicles either in the open air or in an enclosed truck. There are also professional drivers you can hire if you don’t mind adding the extra miles to your vehicle.  If you’re traveling overseas instead of cross country, the only other way to transport your vehicle is by cargo which would travel on a cargo boat. If you have pets or children, then it is best to bring both along with you or find pet shipping services for your pet. Also, book hotels for the long trip in order to have a rest stop for both you and your children to take a break. 

5 Keep personal items 

If you have items that you will need upon arrival, then pack an overnight bag to contain them all. Such items include prescriptions, keys, ID’s, birth certificates, or social security cards. This will help you make sure that you don’t lose them in the many boxes or risk forgetting them completely.

6 Consider refrigerated items 

We also advise that if you have food left over, consider eating it or even donating it. In order to avoid worrying about food at the last moment, it is best to make a plan for these items and have them gone before moving day. If you’re in need of professional movers and need an affordable quote, then Heart 2 Heart Delivery and Moving Solutions is the right service for you. They provide fast and affordable moves without compromising the quality and safety of your items.

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